Studio De Nittis

As a first step i am looking for entrepreneurs partners, export managers, 3d cad designers and digital prototyping designers. I am also interested in getting estimations from very good digital prototypers and virtual reality modellers in order to work on the design ideas illustrated on the site With this purpose i would be grateful if you sent me your digital prototyping portfolio. Please write your mails either in english or, if possible, in italian.

Dati Aziendali

Via Lazazzera N° 49 - 75100 Matera
Telefono: 0835-333303 | Cellulare: 338-8627712 | FAX: 0835-333303
Referente: Sig. Aldo De Nittis


  • Professionisti: Agenzie Finanziarie ed Assicurative
  • Professionisti: Architetti e Arredatori