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Indirizzo: Piazza Garibaldi N° 4 - 33100 Udine

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In 1980’s after the studies in architecture at venice i cooperated with a professional firm where i acquired experience in various fields of architecture but from the very beginning with a special predilection for interior decoration and its many aspects. In 1990’s as independent designer i followed the renewal of several private villas. In 2000’s i was chef designer for a little contract company in Friuli for htm (electric powered vehicles factory) i designed a little quad that was the official vehicol for hannover 2000 expo. For the city of Monfalcone (Italy) the renovation of the city theater: redesign of room acoustic, new entrance and foyer. For agalarov estate (Moscow) complete interior design of the golf club: as i love my work and the creative goads which gives me, i’m interested in any new proposal that offers me the opportunity to have new and original motivations.

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