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Indirizzo: Via Italo Svevo, 49 - 31021 Mogliano Veneto in provincia di Treviso

Telefono: 0414763765 - Fax 0414763765
Referente: Sig. Gaetano Giuliano

Descrizione Azienda

GI-F is an architecture practice founded in 2009, in paris, by gaetano giuliano and Valentina Fanti. Since 2013 gi-f architecture has become giuliano-fanti architetti and it has been relocated in venice. The practice investigates contemporary architectural needs with an innovative and experimental approach, developing all the project phases with regards to architecture, urban planning and interior design. Each project is approached through a detailed research process with the aim of offering the client a personalized and unconventional solution. Great attention is given to environmental and energetic sustainability, to the application of technologically innovative solutions and to materials research. Giuliano-fanti architetti coordinates the entire architectural productive process, dealing directly (or with qualified partners and consultants) throughout the various phases, from the original idea to the achievement of authorizations, from executive planning to site management.

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