Eurobloc S.r.l.

The Group Donzella creates and produces 'flooring and floor covering'. Thank to a forty years experience and since the foundation by giovanni donzella, the company has deepened and developed new techniques of materials production, using raw materials of consolidated guarantee, increasing more and more the products range and meeting the requests of customers. Today through 'donzella flooring' and eurobloc' we have reached production levels that guarantee the effectiveness of products obtained, certifying the artefacts made under the current ec rules. A specialization in the care of color and aesthetic quality was obtained with the production of polished cement wall paneling. To complete the range, there is a production of floors and floor covering cement small stones, agglomerate marble floor tiles and autoblocking paving stones, offering the opportunity of paving roads, squares and sidewalks and floor covering of villas, gardens, terraces and interiors.

Dati Aziendali

Via A. Cipriani, zona industriale - 74026 San Giorgio Jonico
Telefono: 0995919802 | FAX: 0995919802
Referente: Dr. Costantino Capogna


  • Materiali: Arredo Urbano - Produttore
  • Materiali: Canne Fumarie - Produttore
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