Centro sviluppo materiali S.p.A.

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Indirizzo: Via di castel romano N° 100 - 00128 Roma

Telefono: 065055823
Referente: Sig. Paolo Serbi

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During its 40 years' activity, centro sviluppo materiali S.p. A. faced some crucial times it was able to outstrip by restructuring and privatisation processes conceived to cope with the evolving trends in economic, political and social landscape. After the completion of the long and complex path of diversification started at the mid of 90’s, the company is now endowed with tools allowing it to be at the forefront of the market within the frame of the globalisation perspective. At the present time, centro sviluppo materiali has an organization founded on two pillars - the business market areas and the technological capabilities - which, by dynamically interacting, keep the expertises of the company continuously updated and better fitting to market driven technological demands.

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